Advice for programmers, especially beginners.

The best way to learn programming is…

A friend of mine recently finished a programming course and asked me how to improve her coding skills, especially those needed for interviews. As a full-time software engineer and tutor, I recommended she try to build a simple app with the technology she wants to learn using help from the web.

She managed to create several small apps, and with that improve her coding skills super fast. So after some time, I asked her - What is the best way to learn and improve for a new developer?

In conclusion, I think the best way to learn how to code is to start coding. Programming is a skill you can learn quickly, but it is not so easy to remember what you learned. You should keep practicing until it becomes second nature.

This was the moment that started the idea for Project X. Quickly it become a community of software developers/tutors who want to help others. Its main purpose is to help people navigate the complicated world of programming and development tools.

Take a look around, and we hope you enjoy it!